The polymerase chain reaction is very different from gene cloning. Rather than a series of manipulations involving lasing cells, PCR is carried out in a single test tube simply by mixing DNA with a set of reagents and placing the tube in a thermal cycler, a piece of equipment that enables the mixture to be incubated at a series temperatures that are varied in a preprogrammed manner A. In order for the primers to anneal to the correct positions, either side of the gene of interest, the sequences of these annealing sites must be known, It is easy to synthesize a primer with a predetermined Sequence B. If the sequence of a gene is not known, it is not possible to determine the appropriate sequences for a pair of primers, even what is known about the sequence of the equivalent gene in a different organism C. There Is a limit to the length of DNA sequence that can he copied by PCR. Five kilobases (kb) can be copied fairly easily, and segments up to forty kb can be dealt with by using specialized techniques D. PCR technique can detect viruses at the earliest stages of an infection, increasing the chances of treatment being successful Which of the following statement is incorrect ?
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