The stereocilia of auditory hair cells are arranged in rows but the heights of stereocilia are not the same in all the rows. Though the height of stereocilia is the same within a particular row, the heights increase in subsequent rows. When the stereocilia of shorter rows are mechanically pushed towards the taller rows, the hair cells are depolarized but a push on opposite direction hyperpolarizes them. The significance of this graded height of stereocilia is : P. Each row of stereocilia may be displaced independent of other rows in physiological conditions. Q. The tip of the taller stereocilia will show greater displacement as compared to shorter ones when all the rows are moving in the same axis. R. The hair cells will be depolarized or hyperpolarized in different grades when the axis of displacement is changed. S. The taller stereocilia are involved with depolarization and shorter ones are responsible for hyperpolarization. Which one of the following is correct?
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